Jonathan Poland

Software Professional

Experienced technical people manager. Classically trained, full-stack engineer.

Founding team at Arbor Networks and Locumocity.

  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Ionia, Ann Arbor, Boston, Mount Pleasant
  • Networking, Security, Web
  • Anything outside
  • Married, with children


  • Technical co-founder/CTO2015

    Locumocity (now Nomad Health)

    Developed initial prototype and executed all things of technical (web, email, etc) necessary to successfully secure seed funding.

  • Engineering Manager / Architect2010 - 2014

    Arbor Networks

    Direct development, product requirements, architecture, and project schedules for the operating systems team. Manage development of new product in mobile market. Management duties for the 8-12 developers on these teams consist of regular 1-1 meetings, annual reviews, salary, and career development. Indirectly manage porting projects with Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco.

  • Development Lead/CTO2012

    Turnstar (formerly Textaurant)

    Paired with an angel investor to resuscitate the product and business and avoid loss of investment.

  • Senior Principal Software Engineer2009 - 2010

    Arbor Networks

    Lead international development team and architecture of the eSeries Subscriber Center (eSC). Advise other teams on how to utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS). Lead development and architecture of centralized software distribution portal.

  • Principal Software Engineer2008 - 2009

    Arbor Networks

    Supervise development team responsible for improving scale, reducing downtime, and adding features to ATLAS public web service.

  • Senior Software Engineer2006 - 2008

    Arbor Networks

    Responsible for redesigning the look and feel of the original DoS functionality in the Peakflow SP product. Revise technical interview questions and procedures to be more uniform and provide more consistent results. Lead engineer for the partnership with ISS to OEM Peakflow X as Proventia ADS.

  • Software Engineer / Founding Member2000 - 2006

    Arbor Networks

    Responsible for developing prototype used to secure VC funding. Designed, implemented, and supported critical pieces of first product, Peakflow DoS and first enterprise product, Peakflow X. Participated in recruitment and interviewing of initial engineering team. Mentored junior engineers and helped define collaborative culture.

  • Software Developer1998 - 2000

    Merit Network

    Support and update software tools relating to the Internet Routing Registry Database (IRRd).


  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor1996 - 2000

    BSE Computer Engineering, Cum Laude

Open Source

  • Medio 2016

    Custom Synology NAS package to automatically move and categorize images and videos by their meta-data.

    TherMon 2014

    An IOS app to remotely monitor temperature with a Thermodo device.

    SynoMiner 2013

    Port of the BFGminer Bitcoin miner to Synology NAS with a custom web interface.

    Static Photo Gallery 2012

    Custom Synology NAS package to export static photo collections to Amazon S3.

    SynoBox 2012

    Dropbox client for Synology NAS devices. I started it and later transferred it to a new maintainer.


  • Startup Weekend2016


    New Venture Challenge - CMU2013


    Startup Weekend2013

    Technical Advisor

    Lean Startup Machine2012

Management Skills

  • Distributed Teams

  • Mentoring

  • Partnerships

  • Performance Reviews

  • Recruitment and Retention

  • Salary Planning

  • more


  • C

  • C++

  • CSS

  • HTML

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • Objective-C/Swift

  • Python

  • PHP

  • SQL

  • more


  • Apache/Nginx

  • Backbone.js

  • Beanstalk

  • Docker

  • Flask

  • Linux/Unix

  • MongoDB

  • Node.js

  • PostgreSQL

  • React

  • Redis

  • SQLite

  • more


  • Amazon Web Services

  • Openshift

  • Twilio

  • more
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